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Ultra-fast, industrial resin 3D printers for unmatched productivity

Industrial Resin 3D Printers

19.5L build volume, 7K resolution

4.8L build volume, 4K resolution

Industrial 3D Printing of RESIN with Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing® (LSPc)

Self-lubricating Everlast 2 Membrane Our fastest, clearest and longest lasting membrane

7K resolution with subpixel antialiasing for fine features and smooth surfaces

Powerful, collimated 405nm LED light for edge-to-edge uniformity and accuracy throughout the building

Advanced thermal management for maximum curing reliability in just one second per layer

Our customers

Scaling at the touch of a button

With Nexa3D’s breakthrough 3D printing technology, you can afford to produce parts on demand and in the exact quantities you need, when you need them. With print speeds exponentially faster than traditional SLA and DLP-based technologies, a more powerful print engine, and a larger build volume, Nexa3D printers offer unprecedented production capabilities for industrial users.

Accelerate design and development

Shorten your design cycles and get into production faster. Increase the number of iterations for a single project, or enable your entire design team to finish their prints – all in one day. The Nexa3D printers offer the highest daily production throughput and lowest total cost of ownership in their class. Your team can finally afford to innovate without spending more time on the project.

Fast production of tools

With high-temperature and high-pressure-tolerant resins such as xPEEK, xCERAMIC and xMOLD, you can print injection molds and inserts easily and cost-effectively. Even better, you can combine the design freedom of 3D printing with the mechanical properties of injection molding by using the Freeform Injection Molding (FIM) process and xMOLD plastic to produce prototypes from standard injection molding materials.

Advanced digital dentistry

20 models in 30 minutes at 95% accuracy? It’s easy with Nexa3D’s powerful dental 3D printers and resins. From desktop to industrial printers, you have your choice of chairside or lab.

Practice Statement:

“Our R&D team is able to reduce the time to create functional samples by up to 80% and tooling costs by up to 90%. With the NXE 400Pro, we are able to go from CAD to scale in just 48 hours.”

Max Rodriguez
Senior Manager for Global Packaging

Open material platform

We believe in the power of a rich material ecosystem. That’s why we continue to work with leading material suppliers to deliver a comprehensive range of high-performance functional materials tailored to your mechanical and performance needs.

Material guide 2023

Download the complete guide to Nexa3D’s high-speed materials – featuring xABS, xPP, xPEEK and xCERAMIC.

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