DentFlow™ 3D printing software for digital dentistry

User-friendly, automated build preparation for orthodontic and crown and bridge models

Introducing: DentFlow™

As a dental technician, your time is valuable. That’s why you need build preparation software that takes the guesswork out of printing and can keep up with the incredible speed of Nexa3D plastic printers.

With DentFlow™ you can speed up your print preparation processes by 30% or more and ensure the repeatability of the process from first click to finished print.

This easy-to-use module is embedded in NexaX software and empowers everyone on your team to prepare a full day’s worth of prints in minutes, saving time and removing the complexity normally associated with file preparation and pre-processing workflows.

Try it out today and see what it can do.

Accurate, repeatable and reliable printing with DentFlow in 3 simple steps.

1. extended mesh repair

Print safely and save time with DentFlow’s Advanced Mesh Repair.

By automating mesh repair and incorporating parallel processing, stacks of parts can be repaired faster than if they were mass produced, outperforming the competition by over 30%.

2. automatic alignment, trimming and extrusion

DentFlow automatically aligns your models to the selected application.

You can also choose from our powerful processing tools to extrude flat models for better manufacturability or trim thick bases to save material and shorten printing times.

3. automated batching and nesting for maximum efficiency

At the heart of DentFlow’s productivity is the stacking and nesting feature, which automatically aligns and arranges 3D models to optimize the build in the most efficient way.

Make construction preparation a one-time task and streamline the entire process by reducing the number of construction operations required. DentFlow enables the ultimate efficient workflow for build preparation in digital dentistry and ensures repeatability of the process from build to build.

Ultra-fast file repair. Indisputable results.

DentFlow outperforms the next best competitor by over 30 %.

DentFlow has an incredibly fast repair function and parallel processing, so that batches of parts can be repaired faster than with a series repair. Here you can see how DentFlow’s file repair compares to some of the other popular tools on the market.

4 models

16 models

64 models

Nexa3D DentFlow

00:12 00:48 03:49


00:23 01:32 06:08


00:32 02:08 08:32

Precision prints with customizable parameters

Easily edit your print profiles for ultimate control

DentFlow puts you in control. Customize print parameters such as layer thickness, support profiles, part orientation and more to ensure your parts are printed exactly how you want them. You can even turn workflow steps on or off, depending on your organization’s needs, and further streamline the process.

NexaX Pro

DentFlow integrates seamlessly with NexaX, our powerful yet easy-to-use software that enables process stability and print consistency to help deliver build to build repeatability and accuracy while optimizing the speed of your prints for ultrafast production.

Validated resins for dental applications

Nexa3D offers a wide range of high-performance dental resins that are specially tailored to the requirements of dental modeling and the production of splints, surgical templates, crowns and bridges and much more.

Ultra-fast 3D printers for dentistry

Expand your practice or laboratory with our 3D printing technology for the dental sector with the high-precision 3D printers from Nexa3D – powered by LSPc® technology.